What is Van ChangeCamp?


June 20th

Vancouver ChangeCamp is a participatory web-enabled face-to-face event that brings together citizens, technologists, designers, academics, social entrepreneurs, policy wonks, political players, change-makers and government employees to answer these questions:

  • How can we help government become more open and responsive?
  • How do we as citizens organize to get better outcomes ourselves?

VanChangeCamp addresses the demand for a renewed relationship among citizens and government. We seek to create connections, knowledge, tools and policies that drive transparency, civic engagement and democratic empowerment.

The event is a partly structured unconference. One track of the conference will introduce the kinds of projects that harness new ideas and tools for social change. Other tracks at the conference will be participant-driven, with the agenda created collaboratively at the start of the event, allowing participants to share their experiences and expertise.

The conference will also be preceded by two events:

  • Social Event – Friday, June 19;
  • Introduction to Unconferences, designed to help first-time unconference-goers to clarify their intentions and expectations – Date TBD


The call for ideas for sessions at VanChangeCamp is now open! Please fill out our online form with your ideas here.

Go to our form to submit your session proposals!


Choose the month for ChangeCamp

Agenda for Wednesday March 11 Meeting

Opening Exercise:

Break into groups and determine the vision/big picture for VanChangeCamp.

– What would a VanChangeCamp poster look like?

— Questions to Address: —

1.a How does government become more responsive and accountable (transparency, budget, consultation, making data available)?

1.b How can citizens organize to get better outcomes themselves,

2.a Exploring: discussing the ideas that lead to change – i.e. politics as philanthropy, sustainability, creating an inclusive beacon/connecting the silos, etc. etc.

2.b Experimenting: building the solutions or tools that lead to change – i.e. community-based websites (Fix My Street), online advocacy campaigns etc. etc.

3.a Who are the Stakeholders

3.b How do we attract them? (Gatekeepers, decision-makers, technologists)
Also, people with influence at the ground level (community workers, social workers, aid workers…)

*We also want to make sure to be representative of different ethnocultural communities and women.

4. Can we confirm and explore how technology/social media plays a role?

5 . How do we create an inclusive beacon that attracts problem-solvers, geeks, activists, government ppl, community workers, __ ?

— Report Back & Discuss —

Event’s structure and shape:

(if time & consensus permits) What will the event look like?

— Questions to Address: —

1. How do we balance participant driven sessions with perhaps more structured sessions?

2. What are some other ways to weave participant driven creation through the theme/big-picture of the actual event?

3. What are thoughts on opening remarks (i.e. – keynote)?

4. How can we learn from Toronto’s ChangeCamp – including ChangeLabs.

5. What are the best dates? (One day, two day?)

Who’s on board to help contribute, explore and identify roles.

Suggestions & Ideas: