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Early-bird ticket deal ends Saturday, May 15

This is your final chance to buy a ticket to Vancouver ChangeCamp 2010 at our reduced early-bird rate.

So no dilly-dallying!

Register for Vancouver Change Camp 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia  on Eventbrite

Just $15 – but only until Saturday, May 15.

After that the price goes up to $20. Still a deal, but slightly less so. So act now! Don’ delay! This is a limited time offer!

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Vancouver ChangeCamp: Saturday, June 11. Details at

VanChangeCamp Call for Session Ideas is now CLOSED



This call for session ideas was meant to gauge what the community wants to explore at VanChangeCamp.

WHAT IS VANCHANGECAMP: A participatory, web-enabled event to imagine and build new ways to collaborate for social change in the digital age.

WHEN: June 20th 2009

WHERE: Vancouver, BC

WHY: Change Camp is a collaborative, participatory and web-enabled event that is meant to explore the following questions:

  • How can we help government become more open and responsive?
  • How do we as citizens organize to get better outcomes ourselves?

WHO: Changemakers! Including but not limited to:

  • People making change at the ground level – community workers, non-profits/foundations, activists, advocates
  • Decision-makers and government leaders
  • Experienced technologists

Big thank you to those who submitted proposals for session ideas, we received several! And many excellent ideas!

You may view the session ideas on our Wiki at:

What is Van ChangeCamp?


June 20th

Vancouver ChangeCamp is a participatory web-enabled face-to-face event that brings together citizens, technologists, designers, academics, social entrepreneurs, policy wonks, political players, change-makers and government employees to answer these questions:

  • How can we help government become more open and responsive?
  • How do we as citizens organize to get better outcomes ourselves?

VanChangeCamp addresses the demand for a renewed relationship among citizens and government. We seek to create connections, knowledge, tools and policies that drive transparency, civic engagement and democratic empowerment.

The event is a partly structured unconference. One track of the conference will introduce the kinds of projects that harness new ideas and tools for social change. Other tracks at the conference will be participant-driven, with the agenda created collaboratively at the start of the event, allowing participants to share their experiences and expertise.

The conference will also be preceded by two events:

  • Social Event – Friday, June 19;
  • Introduction to Unconferences, designed to help first-time unconference-goers to clarify their intentions and expectations – Date TBD


The call for ideas for sessions at VanChangeCamp is now open! Please fill out our online form with your ideas here.

Go to our form to submit your session proposals!