Unconferences Explained

What’s an unconference?  And how is it difference from a conference?

Unconferences are open, participatory workshop-events, the content of which is provided by the participants – user-generated conferences.  BarCamps are one example – they are an international network of unconferences, with an interesting history and ever-expanding range of topics.

This is an excerpt from a great explanation on whatis.com:

An unconference is a conference organized, structured and led by the people attending it. Instead of passive listening, all attendees and organizers are encouraged to become participants, with discussion leaders providing moderation and structure for attendees.

Unconferences have become popular as an alternative to the panel discussions and keynote speakers featured at traditional technical conferences. Unconferences, by comparison, allow greater freedom of movement and exchange of ideas. Instead of one person delivering prepared remarks in front of a PowerPoint presentation or a panel discussing a set topic, unconferences encourage (or even require) active participation by all attendees. This style of peer-to-peer (P2P) learning, a combination of equal parts networking, technology demonstration and moderated, open discussion, has many parallels to the open source, collaborative software development model.         <more …>

We encourage you to consider pitching a session for the unconference part of the event.


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  1. i don’t even know who did this, but you’re awesome.

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